Friday, 27 March 2009

Death Note - Film Review.

I absolutely adore watching foreign films. I've never been disappointed with them, they're always so refreshing and subtitles don't bother me one bit!
There is an 11 year age gap between my younger sister and I, so a lot of the things that she is interested in, I usually have no clue about. One subject for instance, is Anime and Manga.
I love Anime and Manga art, with their big eyes and exaggerated expressions... but when it comes to character names, stories etc etc, I am completely baffled. My sister started talking about Deathnote, which is a book she is reading... so when I was browsing LOVEFiLM and came across the film version of it, I decided to check it out... and it was brilliant!!
Deathnote is centred around a very intelligent student called Light Yagami. He discovers a book titled 'Death Note' which grants the user the ability to end a person's life, by writing their name in the book. Light decides to try and rid the world of criminals, and begins his mission of eliminating them all. Obviously, all these unexplainable deaths catches the attention of the Police and a secretive character named 'L' - who you quickly realise is his match. I actually found this character the most interesting and the actor did a great job. The story is extremely well written with a lot of it being psychologically based, which is always something I find interesting... I also found it impossible to predict what would happen in each scene (a bad habit!) and kept thinking 'oh my god', when things I didn't imagine would happen, did! There is also a non-human character called Ryuk, who is a Death God... and I thought the effects for this character was wonderful! I didn't expect it to be the way it was.I would really recommend this film and apparently, Hollywood is thinking of remaking it, which annoys me slightly. It doesn't need remaking, old films can be remade, but this film is already at its best, it doesn't need fancy actors and effects to make it better.
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