Saturday, 14 March 2009

Firefluff. Part II.

I first mentioned British illustrator Lisa Evans a.k.a firefluff on my blog a few weeks ago when I purchased some ACEOs (pieces of art that measure 2.5 x 3.5") from her, and I'm absolutely crazy about her work! I recently noticed that she was selling some of her (and my favourite) illustrations in postcard format (6"x 4") for a very good price so I decided to get them too!When they arrived, it suddenly occurred to me, that I got more satisfaction out of slightly larger pieces of, I've been thinking of calming down with the ACEO obsession now because not all artists will do them for me (I can understand it is time consuming, having to cut them out etc), and I have often found that postcards/greeting cards are either the same or cheaper than ACEOs, even though they are larger - I know that this is because ACEOs are not a very commercial size therefore artists need to make them themselves and can't exactly get them sent to be made elsewhere. The only reason I started collecting ACEOs was because it was an 'affordable' way for me to have a piece of art that I loved, but I don't quite think it is working anymore!I'm thinking my new venture will start with six by fours now...but there are still a few artists I have bought ACEOs from and will continue to for a while... I'll keep you updated!
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